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#Argo | Improving float lifetimes | Powered by lithium or hybrid batteries | Iridium transmitters | Mission parameters can be transmitted | Floats carry GPS devices | Ice detection | Ice Sensing Algorithm | Ice sensing algorithm parameters locally tuned to reflect the regional sea ice | New float design to dive all the way to the ocean floor (6000 m) | Floats with spherical shapes | Hulls made of glass | CTD sensor on the float for temperature, salinity and pressure measurements | Measuring biogeochemical (BGC) parameters | Oxygen, pH, nitrate, chlorophyll a, backscattering and irradiance sensing

#Satellite tracking over oceans to uncover illegal fishing and other forms of fisheries crime | Detecting fisheries crime, illegal fishing, economic crime, tax and customs fraud, trade in endangered marine species and human trafficking | Utilizing marine resources in a sustainable way | Managing marine resources in a way that is good for the future | Automatic Identification System (AIS) | Anti collision system for ships | Blue Justice Tracking Centre | Blue Justice initiative | Ministry of Fisheries and Ocean Policy, Norway | Ministry for International Development, Norway | United Nations Office on Drugs and crime

#Enova | Facilities for shoreside electric power | Charging infrastructure | Infrastructure for alternative transport fuels such as hydrogen

#Wally | Each side of the boat a camera with 4K resolution and gimbal stabilized | The two cameras are hooked up to two screens mounted to port and to starboard in the saloon |《Creating a wide outside view without having any portholes | Less maintenance than portholes | No risk of damaging glass while docking alongside | Maximum privacy both at anchor and in the port

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#Heesen | Building superyachts in aluminium and steel | Offering speed, style and fuel efficient cruising | Focusing on quality, craftsmanship and innovation | Series, Fully engineered yachts | Smart Custom, choice of superstructure and more elements | Full Custom, Your yacht is totally unique in every respect | Jade, all aluminium, fast cruising yacht powered by green ocean engines | Heesen BlueNautech, aluminium, efficient propeller designs

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